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Q: What is included in the RETRO STATION product package?

A:  In the box:
RETRO STATION console x 1
Power supply x 1
Instruction manual x 1


Q: How many games are included and what are they?

A:  There are 10 CAPCOM games built-in, including
"Mega Man: The Power Battle"
"Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters"
"Mega Man Soccer"
"Mega Man X"
"Street Fighter II"
"Street Fighter II': Champion Edition"
"Super Street Fighter II"
"Super Street Fighter II Turbo"
"Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo"


Q: Does this product have the OST of these games?

A:  Yes. RETRO STATION has some OST of these games.


Q: Can RETRO STATION support 2 joysticks at the same time?

A:  Yes. RETRO STATION can support 2 RETRO STATION Fightstick at the same time.


Q: Can we connect RETRO STATION to the Internet for online gaming?

A:  No. But you can use the PVP DONGLE to make wireless connections between 2 RETRO STATIONS, and play 2-player games.